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Why Non-Religous Spirituality

Breaking free from religion is one of the most difficult things a person will ever do. Shedding toxic religion involves standing on your own two feet, taking responsibility for your spiritual journey, and escaping the groupthink mentality, which is the assumption that something must be true just because a group of people believe it and no one wants to rock the boat by questioning it. It’s accepting the lead role in the play called “My Life.” It’s letting go of the script you’ve been following, and listening to and trusting your inner guidance.


The path of shedding religion at first can sometimes involve fear, loneliness, and self-doubt. We often enter into our most significant relationships with a particular belief system in place. There are times when the ways we change puts a strain on our relationships, and sometimes certain relationships end. It can be a dark and painful time. Sometimes we are rejected by the people we most hoped would accept us. On the other hand, we find that understanding and support coming from people we didn’t expect. It’s a rollercoaster ride, and mostly you feel like no one understands where you’re coming from.


Addressing these issues is a lot of what Jim does as a spiritual director and religious trauma counselor with those who are breaking free from religion. Many of these people are interested in nurturing a meaningful non-religious spirituality, and move forward in a process of deconstruction, healing, recovery and liberation. This is why Jim established the Center for Non-Religious Spirituality.

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Jim Palmer Bio

Jim Palmer is the Founder of The Center for Non-Religious Spirituality. Jim is a certified Spiritual Director, and a member of Spiritual Directors International. He is a Chaplain with the American Humanist Association. Jim's background includes a Master's of Divinity from Trinity Seminary in Chicago. He is a professor of Comparative Religion, Philosophy of Religion, and Ethics. Jim is a trained religious trauma and spiritual abuse counselor. Jim is a published author, speaker, podcaster, and retreat leader.

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