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                                       is a contemporary spiritual teacher and critically acclaimed author. As a spiritual director, Jim often works with people who are experiencing a crisis of faith or seeking to explore spirituality beyond the parameters of organized religion. As a speaker, educator, and person in his community, Jim is a catalyst for interfaith dialogue and action. Regardless of one's religious, spiritual, or philosophical background, Jim believes all people can find common ground and goodwill in their shared humanity, to work together in creating a more peaceful and just world.


Jim is an ordained minister, receiving his Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Divinity School in Chicago. After serving several years as the Senior Pastor of a non-denominational church, Jim left professional ministerial life on a quest for more authentic spirituality and has authored five books about his journey. In addition to writing, speaking, and his spiritual direction practice, Jim is an adjunct professor in the areas of Ethics and Comparative Religion. He is a certified Humanis Chaplain with the American Humanist Association and the Co-Founder of the Nashville Humanist Association.


For a season, Jim traveled abroad with an international human rights organization, witnessing firsthand, the exploitation and abuse of children through forced child prostitution and child slave labor.


Jim is a proud father to his daughter, Jessica. He and his wife, love animals and care for two pets of their own. Jim is an artist in the areas of poetry, abstract painting, and photography. He is also an explorer; you might find him running a trail, hiking to a summit, or snapping photos in villages and cities throughout the world.



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