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to the Center for Non-Religious Spirituality
"I am an advocate for authentic, self-determined, and fully-expressed human beings. At the root of our Self, we long to grow, evolve, deepen and expand into the fullness of who we are. "

~ Jim Palmer


The Center for Non-Religious Spirituality (CNRS) addresses the innate spiritual dimension of all people and lived human experience with individual/group work, retreats and courses. CNRS trains others to offer non-religious spiritual direction, including religious trauma/deconstruction counseling.


Jim Palmer is the Founder of The Center for Non-Religious Spirituality. Jim is a certified Spiritual Director, and a member of Spiritual Directors International. He is a Chaplain with the American Humanist Association. Jim's background includes a Master's of Divinity from Trinity Seminary in Chicago. He is a professor of Comparative Religion, Philosophy of Religion and Ethics. Jim is a trained religious trauma and spiritual abuse counselor. Jim is a published author, speaker, and retreat leader. He can be reached at:



What is spiritual guidance or personal growth development?


"There are several reasons why people contact me for spiritual guidance or personal growth guidance. A person may contact me about this because they are:


  • Seeking a more expansive or more profound spirituality 

  • A life crisis has caused them to question their personal or religious beliefs 

  • Searching for answers to life’s existential questions such as the meaning and purpose of life 

  • Interested in exploring faith and spirituality beyond the boundaries of their religious background or tradition

  • Wanting to address the root cause of suffering in their life

  • Desiring a whole relationship with themselves through self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-trust, self-confidence and self-reliance

  • Needing to unshackle themselves from toxic religious beliefs 

  • Wanting to break through self-sabotaging inner dialogue and self-imposed limitations that are holding them back in life

  • Wanting to explore a non-religious spiritual path or secular philosophy for life


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"Jim Palmer has a gift for guiding a person to dig deep, discover areas in their lives where they want to improve and is then able to help them craft a plan to achieve their goals. I’ve been extremely impressed and would recommend his services to anyone looking to make progress towards personal goals. He is professional, positive, friendly, compassionate and supportive."

—  Sarah Cool


Spiritual Guidance One Call
1 hr
Spiritual Guidance Three Calls
1 hr
Spiritual Guidance Five Calls
1 hr