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Naming FAQs


Where can we hold a naming ceremony?


Since namings have no legal status, the choice of venue is entirely up to you. Many namings are held in people’s houses or gardens, in village halls, function rooms, the park or even at the zoo! Inside or out, as long as you’ve gained permission from the relevant person, local authority or organization, it’s entirely up to you.


Are humanist naming ceremonies legal?


A naming is an entirely private occasion, and so there is no legal status to the ceremony. It’s very different from registering a child’s birth which has to be done through a register office within 42 days of your baby’s arrival.


Is my child too old to have a naming?


Children appreciate special days for them at any age. I can help make sure the occasion is tailored to your child’s age and your family situation – perhaps calling it a ‘welcoming’ rather than a ‘naming’ for example. Moreover, many families also have a joint naming ceremony for an older child as well as a new arrival.


Can we have a joint birthday party and naming?


Absolutely – and you’d be in great company!


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