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Naming Structure


Structure Example

     Each humanist (non-religious) naming ceremony is unique and created especially for a particular family and circumstances.

     This means there is no set script and no fixed structure. Instead, I will guide you through various options, and together we can create an occasion that’s fitting for your specific circumstances.


     Here is an example of how a naming ceremony might be organized, but you do not have to include any of these, and you may also want to add other components.


• Reading or poem

• Information about the child – their arrival, personality, etcetera.

• Words about the importance and responsibility of parenting

• Parental promises to the child

• Reading or poem

• Importance of the wider family (e.g., grandparents, cousins, etcetera.)

• Appointment of “Guideparents

• “Guideparents” promises

• Reasons for the choice of name

• The naming itself (various forms are possible)

• Concluding words

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