My Books

Inner Anarchy

In his provocative new book, Inner Anarchy, Palmer shows how the Christian religion has twisted the real-life and message of Jesus and has preached a powerless gospel that is preventing millions of people from being free. He challenges the reader to inner anarchy, "We must dethrone and tear down the mindsets and ideologies that are ruling the world from within us, and taking us further down a road of certain doom." Whether you are a Christian, Atheist or any other religious or spiritual background you may have, Palmer offers a hopeful place for all human beings to explore the possibility of birthing a new reality in our world. He writes, "Jesus announced the inauguration of a new age, the likes of which we have never seen, but have dreamed of. His words are compelling and fascinating. He implied that this age is hidden in the human heart, and is now ready to be birthed into existence. Jesus said it would come amid great turmoil and would be lead not by religious preachers and Bible scholars, but by those who open their minds, become like a child and trust what s deep inside their hearts.

Notes From (Over) The Edge

Jim Palmer's fourth book is Notes from (Over) the Edge: Unmasking the Truth to End Your Suffering. This book began as scribbling on paper in a black spiral notebook. Jim set his resolve to address the root cause of his suffering, and to know true peace and freedom, which he had failed to find through many years in religion. The book is divided into five main parts. Part One is a conversation with the reader about how to approach the pursuit of truth. Part Two is a direct, practical, and no-nonsense guide to addressing the root cause of personal suffering, and uncovering true peace and freedom. In Part Three, Jim confronts the teachings of pop Christianity, and how they have corrupted the real message and meaning of Jesus. Part Four delves into the process of recovering from religious pathology. In Part Five, Jim discusses how truth applies in the special cases of domestic violence, and depression.

Being Jesus In Nashville

Jim Palmer deconstructed and left behind much of his Christianity, and yet Jesus continued growing in significance for him. Jim's next book was, Being Jesus in Nashville: Finding the Courage to Live Your Life (whoever and wherever you are). This book tells the story of what it looked like for him to know and follow Jesus outside of Christianity. The book is the culmination of a one-year journey in which he set out to answer the question for himself of what Jesus meant for his life now, having left behind the religion that claimed his name. The story takes many twists and turns, including two near-death experiences, and the deaths of his mother and father. The book also stirred considerable controversy. His Christian publisher refused to publish under the charge of heresy.

Wide Open Spaces

Jim Palmer's follow-up book to Divine Nobodies was Wide Open Spaces: Beyond Paint-by-Number Christianity. Jim noticed in many of the emails he was receiving that people were getting stuck in the anti-religion, anti-church mentality, and not really moving forward in their own spiritual evolution. Wide Open Spaces is his story about living into an alternative, and each chapter revolves around his wrestling through a different aspect of this. The book shares how Jim's relationship to himself, God, others, life, church, the Bible, prayer, etc. changed, and what this looked like.

Divine Nobodies

After walking away from organized religion and professional ministry, Jim Palmer began chronicling his spiritual journey in 2006. The first book was Divine Nobodies: Shedding Religion to Find God (and the unlikely people who help you). This book is especially useful for the person who is seeing in spades that the “Christian” mentalities and views they’ve never questioned in church, need questioning. It’s that feeling that things don’t add up, something is way off, and there must be more. Each chapter in the book tells the story of a person that God brought across Palmer's path to help him look deeper into his life and relationship with God.