Breaking humankind gridlock

My God is better than your God. My religion is better than your religion. My belief system is better than your belief system. My philosophy is better than your philosophy. My ideology is better than your ideology. My race is better than your race. My country is better than your country. My political party is better than your political party. And the wheels on the bus go round and round. Meanwhile, there is something beneath all those layers that unite all of us together as one.

When we are operating out of the beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that are programmed in our heads we are divided and separated. But when we allow ourselves to embrace what we know is true in our gut, our deepest feelings and knowing, then there is no real conflict or division between us.

Stop listening to them. Start listening to you.

There is never any real conflict between any of us… ever. Any significant conflict that happens between human beings is happening on the level of beliefs. There is never any conflict between the real you and the real me, and this applies to all of us. Any significant conflict that happens is happening behind the scenes on the level of the beliefs we are dragging around. What we have is a battle against belief systems, not other humans, although they will be manifesting these beliefs.

So what do we do? We switch sources. We have to get out of this belief-system mentality and speak from what is real in our gut, deepest feelings, inner knowing and intuitive or tacit understanding. When we operate from that source we are activating that dimension within us that has true power and authority. That same source you are speaking from is also within everyone, which opens the possibility of you and that person connecting on a real level. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen and they may keep operating out of their heads, but at least you open that door of possibility that could have an impact in that moment or later.

The world and humankind is currently in gridlock because people are fighting things out on the level of belief-systems. You and I have to bust up that game! Firstly, we have to stop playing this game ourselves! Get out of your head and stop trying to battle against people with your new and improved and more enlightened belief system or philosophy. Instead, turn to what is real in your interior self and speak from it.

At the center of yourself there is no drama. There is no greed, envy, hatred, self-seeking, bigot or antagonist. Jesus said, “And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself'." This was not a challenge for people to start a Jesus religion and go around the world trying to convert people to it. Jesus was saying that when the eternal Spirit—within him and us—is lifted up out of us into the world, then that eternal Spirit will be easily recognizable to us all and draw us together as one human family.

This is the inner anarchy we need!

When are we going to refuse and deny the false mindsets and ideologies that are ruling us from within and running our lives, and start listening to what we know is real in our deepest feelings? The world is constantly trying to find unity based on some sort of shared belief system. It makes no difference how open, progressive, educated or tolerant that belief system is, it will never bring about true unity, and at best it will only create a man-made, pseudo, fragile, and temporary getting along. We cannot have true togetherness based on any beliefs or belief system.

There will never be unity in this world until people turn toward what is real deep within them. What we must do is turn toward what is real and natural in our deep feelings. It is there that we are truly one. Yes, different and unique as we are as individual people, but one on the most fundamental and foundational level. We must speak from that real and natural place within us to each other.

That’s how you “fight against radical ideologies.” You rid yourself of those false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that pit us against each other. You switch sources – you stop taking your cues from all that stuff that has been programmed into your head, and you turn toward what you know to be real and true in your deep feelings. I’m not talking about flighty and sappy emotionalism. I’m talking about what you know is real – those substantial and powerful deep feelings that rise up within you when something triggers them. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You have felt it! We need to have the courage to lift up out of us what we all know is real in our deep feelings. People are stuck in their heads. I don’t give a damn what you “think.” Tell me what you feel in your gut!

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