Uprooting the ideology of hate

Updated: May 15, 2019

Humankind cannot be rid of division, hatred, violence, terrorism, oppression and injustice until people are liberated from their delusive suffering. We must strike down the false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that pit human beings against each other. People who commit terrorist acts are pawns to those ruling mindsets and ideologies within them. It's more than stopping individual people or groups; it's those beliefs, mindsets and ideologies that must be rooted out. As it stands now they are manifesting themselves in people and groups who self-organize to take direct actions to do harm, violence and destruction in our world.

We are all complicit in the status of our current human ordeal to the extent that we are harboring false mindsets within ourselves, even if they do not spill out in to actions of violence. We are all contributing to the well of our collective consciousness that we are all dipping from. Solving the crisis of our world is not a matter of removing certain individuals or groups from positions of power. It goes deeper than that. The enemy is not the people, but the attitudes, narratives, mindsets, and belief systems that have poisoned us all and rule in our minds. These are the principalities and powers that have cast a darkness over our world, and they must be challenged and struck down. If you want to get angry about something, get angry at the lies that are governing our existence. Better yet, the lies that are living inside your mind and ruling your life right now.

The truth is there is never any real conflict between any of us… ever. Any significant conflict that happens between people is happening on the level of beliefs. The conflict comes when those beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that are ruling within us clash with the beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies inside others. At its most horrific level, the manifestation of these warring belief-systems within us is what we saw happen in Paris. No person is the enemy. In our real selves we are not in conflict with any person. The enemy is the stuff that has been programmed into our heads and running our lives.

How do we solve this? Anarchy! It’s time to revolt!

I wrote in Inner Anarchy:

“We need anarchy – Inner Anarchy! We must topple, dethrone, defrock, kick out, and cast aside the current ruling ideas that are programmed inside us. Those ideas have failed miserably. They were given plenty of time and opportunity to prove their legitimacy, and they have not succeeded. They cunningly and ruthlessly rule over us and continue to argue and fight among each other on the battleground inside us. This is the day of reckoning. Let all ideologies be put on notice. This is an indictment against all the bankrupt and powerless precepts that are governing our lives from within. They keep driving us relentlessly. Their authority must be decisively stripped away. They block us from being who we truly are. It is time to free ourselves from their power and control. It is anarchy or die!

Those ruling mental constructs must be expelled from within us. They are standing in our way. But they are not going to go easily. As futile as they are, they have become our security and our friends, and we fear striking out from them in independence. We have all built our little kingdoms and worldly statuses by using these beliefs, so they accuse the hell out of us if we try to drop them. We must get unreasonable to overthrow the current system that is ruling our world from inside our psyches. The old system is not going to fade quietly into the night without a fight. Our habitual way of reasoning has a titanic amount of energy driving our world and lives forward. We must unplug ourselves from the source of these powerless ideas.

We have to wake up! It is time to overthrow the system of ideas that rules our world and fills our heads.”

When are we going to refuse and deny the false mindsets and ideologies that are ruling us from within and running our lives, and start listening to what we know is real in our gut? The world is constantly trying to find unity based on some sort of shared belief system. It makes no difference how open, progressive, educated or tolerant that belief system is, it will never bring about true unity, and at best it will only create a man-made, pseudo, fragile, and temporary getting along. We cannot have true togetherness based on any beliefs or belief system.

There will never be unity in this world until people turn toward what is real deep within them. It is there that we are truly one. Yes, different and unique as we are as individual people, but one on the most fundamental and foundational level. We must speak from that real and natural place within us to each other.

That’s how you “fight against radical ideologies.” You rid yourself of those false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that pit us against each other. You switch sources – you stop taking your cues from all that stuff that has been programmed into your head, and you turn toward what you know to be real and true in your gut and deep feelings. I’m not talking about flighty and sappy emotionalism. I’m talking about what you know is real – those substantial and powerful deep feelings that rise up within you when something triggers them. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You have felt it! We need to have the courage to lift up out of us what we all know is real in our intuitive knowing and innermost being.

I’m not talking about a passive spirituality in which we hide away and meditate behind closed doors or atop a mountain. I’m talking about the kind of courageous, gritty, human, centered, insistent, revolutionary and subversive spirit that Jesus exhibited in his life.

Why are false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies holding humankind and our planet hostage?

It’s because people have false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies within themselves and then go into the world and create systems and structures based on them. And then in turn, those systems and structures indoctrinate more people into those false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies… and then those people go out and codify those systems and structures further. And the wheels on the bus go round and round.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that what must happen is that we root out those false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies within ourselves, and abolish those systems and structures that perpetuate them.

Am I missing something?

Inner anarchy naturally leads to the transformation of society because we find that those systems and structures that oppress humankind and the planet are the antithesis of what our higher awareness tells us is true, which is love, peace, harmony, oneness and the well-being of all. To be in-tune with our higher-awareness is to no longer support and participate in those false mindsets, narratives and ideologies or the systems and structures that operate upon them. Our higher awareness cannot turn a blind eye to them. We challenge, confront, subvert and undermine them, and lift up a new reality in their place.

#Paris #InnerAnarchy

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