If you're bored with "God," do this...

Religion sometimes makes people one-dimensional. We learned that "God"/spirituality only relates to certain religious/"spiritual" subjects, language, discussions, interests, activities, etc. Closely related to this one-dimensionality is the way religion falsely divides up the world in categories of "sacred" and "secular." I often use the phrase "life is my religion" to convey the idea that all of life is sacred. There is no separation - "God"/the divine and life is inseparable. The idea that "God"/the divine is best known through theological subjects, concepts, language, and writings is simply not true. What I'm saying is: People, it's okay to live ALL of life! Get out a little! You don't have to talk about "God" all the time. Explore. All paths (natural sciences, arts, nature, etc) ultimately lead to "God"/the divine/oneness/what is real. Where does your curiosity and inquisitive nature take you? What interests you? Yes, explore that!

5 things you can do if you are weary or bored with incessant theological discussion or more or less re-hashing the same God stuff over and over and over again:

1. Educate yourself

Why not explore a new area of interest or curiosity? Coursera (coursera.org) is one of many education platforms that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. Classes are offered in about every subject imaginable in the sciences, humanities, arts, technology, health, computer science, etc.

2. Express yourself

Throw caution to the wind and explore a new form of creative or artistic expression. Sketching, painting, Haiku poetry, photography, collage, writing, cooking, woodworking, film/video, music, theater, dance, digital art, gardening, landscaping, craft design, sculpture, etc. – choose some form of artistic or creative expression that interests you, and start dabbling, exploring and experimenting. Have fun with it!

3. Challenge yourself

Every day men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s… are challenging themselves to be more fit and healthy, or achieve a goal like running a marathon, completing a triathlon, hiking a mountain, or cycling across their state or country. Doesn’t watching the World Cup inspire you to want to do some sport that is competitive and fun? Joining an adult sports league, finding a tennis or golf partner, or attending yoga, dance or taekwondo classes are all possibilities. Set a personal fitness goal. Start walking, strength training, swimming or whatever resonates with or inspires you.

4. Volunteer yourself

Do some research and find out what needs currently exist in your community or city that you would be inspired and skilled to meet. It could be a need nearby that you could directly respond to…a single mom down the street who could use a break, a senior who would enjoy some conversation, or being the welcome wagon for the new Indian family who moved in downstairs. Maybe it’s just reaching out to a neighbor in need or performing random acts of kindness. Perhaps there is an organized community effort of interest such as a food bank, homeless shelter, English tutoring effort, child mentoring program, or community beautification project. Volunteer at the local animal shelter, rescue group, or humane society. Help build a home with Habitat for Humanity. Contact your local United Way, Red Cross, or Salvation Army for discovering new service opportunities in your area. Where in life are you inspired to be a tangible expression of love, help, kindness, and compassion?

5. Enjoy yourself

Many people learned through their religious involvement that enjoying oneself is selfish, even sinful. Time to cast off the guilt, and allow yourself to do things for no reason other than pure enjoyment, delight, pleasure, and satisfaction. What is that for you? Perhaps you don’t even know. Well, it’s time to get busy figuring it out! What makes you come alive? What satisfies you most deeply? What fills you up? What brings you joy? What centers you? What is a source of delight and pleasure for you? What makes you feel connected to yourself? What would your sense of adventure tell you to do? What makes you happy? What restores you? What inspired you? What move you to take action? What do you enjoy doing? What feels good? Yeah, do that! Maybe it time’s to get re-connected with the earth. Get your hands dirty. Walk that trail. Swim that lake. Enjoy a sunset. Light those candles and listen to your music. Read that series of novels. Grab your honey and go do something different and fun together. Enjoy yourself!

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