Why Jesus matters, regardless of your beliefs

10 ways Jesus is universally relevant, regardless of one’s religious, spiritual or philosophical belief-system:

1. Jesus both affirmed what was good and confronted what was wrong in his own religious tradition.

2. Jesus taught that love is and should be the ultimate fulfillment of all religious teaching.

3. Jesus pointed out the hypocrisy of claiming a close relationship with God while perpetuating discord and hostility in human relationships.

4. Jesus confronted the mentality of judging others, and instead told people to look in the mirror.

5. Jesus taught a human solidarity where every person sees themselves as a “neighbor” to those in need.

6. Jesus extended love, compassion and friendship to all people without condition.

7. Jesus affirmed the inherent and equal worth of all human beings, regardless of their status or place in the world.

8. Jesus confronted systemic oppression and took on institutional power structures that perpetuated it.

9. Jesus did not seek to convert people to any religion or belief-system but challenged his followers to embrace and follow the spirit of love within themselves.

10. Jesus affirmed that every person has the responsibility and authority to build a world of peace and harmony that works for everyone.

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