28 Signs of Personal Metamorphosis

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

I have discovered the following 28 signs of personal metamorphosis. Any one of these is a pathway toward actualizing the fullness of who you are as a human being and realizing the fullest possibilities for your life. 1. Dissatisfaction with the way it's "supposed to be" 2. Intolerance of inauthenticity 3. Casting off of rules, regulations, and restrictions 4. Resurgence of individuality 5. Openness to new possibilities 6. Desire to grow, learn, and expand 7. Freedom of self-expression 8. Establishment of personal boundaries 9. Reshaping of one's relational world 10. Greater acceptance and compassion for others 11. Deprogramming of false beliefs and mindsets 12. Grounded in one's own inner truth and guidance 13. Refusal to conform 14. Disdain for superficiality 15. Greater capacity for both sorrow and joy 16. Unwillingness to accept injustice and oppression 17. Deeper connection to nature and all living things 18. Inhabiting the fullness of one's humanity 19. Disinterest in creating or participating in drama 20. Greater ability for complex reasoning 21. Taking responsibility for one's own happiness and well-being 22. Commitment to doing one's personal inner work 23. Nurturing mutually beneficial and healthy relationships 24. Looking upon oneself with greater acceptance and compassion 25. Incorporating daily practices of self-care 26. Seeing deeper than a person's label, ism or stereotype to the deeper realities that unite us all as one human family 27. Moved to alleviate human suffering 28. Compelled to advance human flourishing

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