Be careful what you ask for (the truth about transformation)

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

"Are you interested in a transformed life - a whole, liberated, meaningful, and fulfilled life?" "Of course, yes!" "Are you willing to take full responsibility for your life - to no longer blame people or circumstances or lay the responsibility and burden of your happiness on others? Will you courageously look in the mirror and get real with yourself and own the ways you are the cause of your own unhappiness? Are you willing to be vulnerable and honest with one of two people you trust about your life? Will you put an end to magical thinking, quick fixes, stopgap measures, and symptom alleviation, and do the personal work of addressing the root causes of your suffering? Are you willing to have conversations of significance with someone who is skilled at offering insight and guidance in your personal growth and development? Will you be resolute in cultivating self-care practices into your daily life? Are you willing to stop looking at yourself through eyes of judgement and condemnation, and offer yourself compassion, patience, forgiveness, acceptance, affirmation and love? Will you make your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health and well-being a top priority? Are you willing to let go of toxic beliefs, mindsets, attitudes, behaviors, people, and relationships that are obstacles to your well-being? Will you do the work to learn new attitudes, skills, practices and tools for living life well? Are you willing to seek professional support or therapy for deeply-rooted wounds, trauma, or destructive patterns you cannot manage or overcome on your own? Will you make amends with the people you have hurt as a result of your woundedness and dysfunction? Are you willing to love yourself enough to slowly but determinedly cultivate and nurture a life of wholeness and happiness?" "So, I ask you again - are you interested in a transformed life - a whole, liberated, meaningful, and fulfilled life?"

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