The Journey of Shedding Religion

Shedding religion; an emotional rollercoaster

Many people contact me who are experiencing a crisis of faith, deconstructing their long-held theological beliefs, going through a process of deconversion, and recovering from spiritual abuse, religious trauma and toxic religious indoctrination. Most days I have Zoom calls with people in the USA and around the world who are dealing with these kinds of issues.

After years of doing this individual work I created an online course, Life After Religion: A Personal Journey Out. It’s an online self-paced course that addresses subjects such as:

  • making peace with your religious past

  • dealing with the loneliness and fallout of leaving one’s faith community

  • rooting out toxic religious beliefs and mindsets

  • navigating spiritual crisis and the destabilization from losing one’s belief system

  • new ways of approaching life's existential questions

  • cultivating new tools and mindsets for personal liberation

  • exploring what spirituality is for you

Shedding religion is typically a volatile but liberating experience. Many of the religious beliefs and practices that people leave behind open new doors for personal growth, and a more authentic and meaningful spirituality. It can also leave a void. Some people express missing the closeness and intimacy they once felt with God.

Breaking free from a toxic religious background is one of the most difficult things a person will ever do. You don't have to walk this path alone. This is why I created the Life After Religion course. There is only a nominal cost for the course because I wanted to make it accessible to anyone. You can enroll and start the course at any time at this link.

I mentioned that I also do individual calls with people about these issues. I sometimes refer to this as "spiritual direction" because the nature of the interaction is more personal and individualized. People are not only addressing the negative impact of spiritual abuse and religious trauma, they are also wanting to explore and cultivate a deeper and more authentic, meaningful, human and non-religious spirituality.

Some of the issues we work on include:

  • unshackling oneself from toxic religious beliefs

  • cultivating self-trust and self-reliance

  • exploring spirituality beyond religion

  • recovering, inhabiting and expressing your authentic self

  • creating a plan for personal development

  • charting a new meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling direction in life

When I do this kind of individual work with people, I begin the process with a personal inventory, and then we determine a direction for our calls. I typically encourage people to sign up for either a series of 3 calls or 5 calls, which allows us to substantially address a person’s struggles, needs, interests and desires. You can book these individual calls on my website at this link. When you scroll down the page you will see the call packages. If you have any questions or need help scheduling an appointment, email me at:

When you register for one of the call packages, you will schedule the first session online, which prompts me to send you the personal inventory to start the process. It’s often the case that a person who takes the Life After Religion course is interested in individual calls during or after the course. You can book these calls online the same way at this link.

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