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Updated: Jan 9

Welcome 2021!

2020 was quite a year, and now 2021 has arrived! I have a challenge for you. Rather than do the usual New Year's Resolutions (lose weight, exercise more, get organized, learn a new hobby, save money, blah, blah, blah....), why not go deeper and discover a true happiness that you can know for the rest of your life.

Do you want to be happy in life?

Of course you do! Don't we all? All people desire happiness. Anything we seek in life is ultimately to acquire happiness. We imagine that a particular thing will make us happy - a possession, person or relationship, success and achievement, status and recognition, health and fitness, financial security and abundance, religion, counseling and self-help.

The truth is that nothing can "make" you happy. Possessions, relationships, wealth, status, fitness, success, food, world travel... cannot "make" you happy.

What we know for sure:

(1) All people desire and seek happiness

(2) Few people claim to have happiness

Why is this?

Most people are following a default strategy for finding happiness that is fundamentally flawed and will never work. The result is that people do the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result. It makes no difference what you try or how hard you work at being happy, if your entire framework for seeking happiness is futile.

After many years of trying to find happiness through religion, I walked away from it all and started over. Eventually I discovered that what I was searching for outside myself was already within me. Believe me, I tried like hell to get life to do what I wanted it to do in order to make me happy, but it never worked and only compounded my suffering.

Happiness is not complicated but it is counterintuitive to virtually everything we have been taught about how to be happy in life. Beginning on January 18th, I am leading a 7-Day mini-course on happiness in which we will be exploring how to know true happiness. On my journey, I came to five realizations about life and true happiness, which is the basis of this mini-course.

The course content will be delivered in a private Facebook group, available only to group members. On each of the 7 days, an installment of the mini-course will be posted in the group. For each day, there will be an assignment to explore, investigate and put into practice that is an extension of the theme or principle of that day. Over the course of the week, there will be two Facebook Room and Facebook Live opportunities for our group to discuss the themes of the mini-course.

I am asking each participant to make a donation of $25 to my Friends of Jim Palmer PayPal Scholarship Fund. I utilize these funds to cover the costs of my pro bono chaplaincy and personal development work with the homeless, incarcerated, hospitalized, cult survivors, and victims of domestic violence. I have seen an uptick of people in crisis contacting me and seeking help in my city and around the world who have been impacted significantly and distressed by the realities of COVID-19. I will not deny a person from joining my mini-course even if they cannot pay, but please consider making a donation of $25 or more to support my work with people in tremendous need.

You can make your donation at this link.

Then request to join the mini-course at this link.

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