Overcoming Religious Shame with Self-Acceptance

If you must have something to aspire to on your path, make it that you will no longer sit in judgment of yourself. Self-judgment is viewing yourself through eyes of condemnation and disapproval. Self-judgment and shame go together. You have thoughts and feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness, and they become the basis of your self-image. For some people, fear-based religion or childhood emotional wounds foster shame and self-judgment. People can become self-hate junkies. The running commentary in the background of your life is perpetual self-condemnation.

What is the solution? It's common to assert that self-acceptance is the antidote to self-condemnation. However, typically the kind of self-acceptance we are familiar with does not go far enough and therefore does not solve the problem and set us free.

In my own life journey, and the personal and spiritual growth work with people over the years, I have learned there are 4 levels of self-acceptance. I share these four levels of self-acceptance on this video. I hope you find it helpful.

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