The "H" Word

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Though we do not like to admit it, all of us are hypocritical at times. What we say and what we do, does not always line up.

Consider the ways we are sometimes hypocritical.

  • We speak of love, and yet we cross over to the other side of the street, not wanting to get involved.

  • We speak of harmony, and yet our ego fights to assert its superiority and reputation.

  • We speak of peace, and yet we turn a blind eye to inequality and injustice all around us.

  • We are quick to point out the falsity of others, and yet we liberally accept our own duplicity.

  • We speak of revolution, and yet we do not stand up to the systems, structures, and hierarchies that do harm.

  • We judge what we view as wrong in the world, and yet we will not root out our own destructive beliefs, mindsets, and prejudices.

  • We easily blame others for the problems of society, and yet conveniently look over the ways we are complicit in contributing to them.

  • We speak of tolerance, as long as it does not include the particular people we dislike and do not agree with.

  • We decry poverty and economic inequality, as long as we can maintain our lifestyle of excess and consumption.

Why am I mentioning this? Because I wanted everyone who reads this post to feel bad about themselves? No. I mention it because one of the most important places to press into as a human being are those areas where our words and actions are not aligned.

As a personal growth mentor, I typically have a person complete a life inventory, which includes an introspective process of determining their highest values and what matters most to them in life. The next step involves evaluating their lives as an expression of these values and convictions. Areas of focus are those aspects of their life in which their values and convictions are lacking or being compromised.

For example, a person might identify honesty and integrity as a top value and what truly matters to them. Therefore, we look at the entirety of their lives through the lens of honesty and integrity, which includes areas such as self-honesty, the integrity of being true to their self, honesty and integrity in personal relationships and professional life, as well as honesty and integrity in their physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Over the years of working with people I have learned that the greatest source of discontentment stems from not living one values and convictions, and the deepest satisfaction is the self-respect and fulfillment of being true to them. Hypocrisy is not detrimental because of how others see you, but how you see yourself.

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