What if Buddha was your therapist?

For the next season, I am going to be unpacking and exploring the findings, insights, and wisdom of Siddhārtha Gautama, the Buddha. The discoveries Buddha made through his own experience about the nature of reality are both shocking and liberating. His insights into the mind and consciousness are unparalleled. The historical Buddha should not be considered a religious person. His contributions to philosophy and psychology are unprecedented.

The Buddha emphasized above all else that one should not accept his insights unless they could verify them based on their own direct personal experience. The Buddha never asked people to have faith in his teachings but to put them to the test in their own life. Buddha did not claim to be God or a supernatural being. He did not hold a belief in the theistic view of God. His insights did not come through revelation but penetrative observation and direct experience.

If you only cherry-pick a few Buddhist ideas from the pop guru-of-the-day, you will not have the full picture and framework necessary for true enlightenment, liberation, and the cessation of suffering. My Buddha series will be a deep dive into Buddha's essential discoveries and insights such as the nature of reality, the cause, and remedy of suffering, karmic evolution, non-self, dependent arising, tantric teachings, the path to enlightenment, and bodhicitta.

The objective of the series is not the accumulation of heady spiritual concepts, but experiencing enlightenment, liberation, and the cessation of suffering.

If you have an interest in joining my philosophy group series on the Buddha, message me your email address, and I will send you more information.


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