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is the smallest element that can be uttered in isolation with objective or practical meaning; purposefully stringing several of them together can have a profound impact. Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humankind. You can change the course of your life with your words. 


Writing is a purposeful and deliberate act, whether we are writing for personal reasons such as keeping a journal or sharing our ideas with the world like a blog post. From a sea of nouns, verbs, and adjectives, we must carefully choose those that best represent our ideas, thoughts, and feelings. The process of writing stimulates greater clarity and a more in-depth understanding of ourselves and our lives. It also provides an outlet for expressing our unique and authentic self. 


The Use Your Words Workshop consists of a series of writing exercises that are designed to be a catalyst for personal growth and development. Through writing, you will develop greater self-awareness to aid you in making sounder decisions for creating the life you desire. You will use the written word as an avenue for expressing and asserting your individuality and authentic self. There will also be an opportunity to write your story, as well as draft a legacy letter for the significant people in your life. 


The workshop writing exercises involve five writing genres: Introspective Writing, Creative Writing, Op-ed Writing, Memoir Writing, and Private Letters Writing. You will learn the unique aspects of these different writing styles and explore examples of each. Workshop participants will be provided with step by step instructions on how to complete each of the five writing assignments.


Each participant will be granted exclusive access to the workshop content, instructions, and projects. The workshop is a self-paced five-week journey with a different focus for each segment. At the end of each week, you will receive a prompt, via email, for submitting your assignment. I will review each one, and offer personal reflections, input, and feedback. Consider spending 3-5 hours of quality time a week working on completing each project. 


"Use You Words Workshop was an essential tool in this pivotal moment of my life. I am forever grateful to you Jim for the brilliance of this workshop and the treasures it has unlocked in my heart."


~Daniel Thompson        

Week One: Introspective Writing

Using your words to know yourself better. 



Week Two: Creative Writing 

Using your words to express your individuality artistically. 



Week Three: Op-ed Writing 

Using your words to speak your mind. 



Week Four: Memoir Writing 

Using your words to tell your personal story.



Week Five: Private Letters Writing 

Using your words to pass on your values, beliefs and life lessons. 


The cost of the Use Your Words Workshop is $115.00  

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