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Wedding FAQs



How much does a humanist wedding ceremony cost?


Our fees are $175-$500, this is a wide range but reflects that weddings can vary tremendously. You can find out more by emailing us. Be sure to mention your intended venue, so we take into account the amount of travel involved.


What does the fee include?


It will be determined by the type of ceremony, but typically includes


  • A planning meeting to discuss the ceremony in depth

  • Drafting and editing a personal script

  • Attendance at a rehearsal at your chosen venue

  • Delivery of the service on the day itself

  • A presentation copy of the script


How long does a humanist wedding last?


It depends on what you want to include, but as a guide around 20-45 minutes—this is one of the aspects you can discuss in our meeting.





















Do you offer same-sex weddings?


I certainly do. Indeed, Humanists Celebrants have been conducting ceremonies for same-sex couples for at least two decades and were instrumental in successfully campaigning for legal same-sex marriage.


We got married abroad, and we want another ceremony for friends and family here. Can you do this?


Yes, I would be happy to create such an occasion for yo—in fact, many of our wedding ceremonies take place under similar circumstances. We can make the humanist ceremony a wedding in itself or think of it as a celebration of your marriage—whatever suits you best. That said, in practice, most couples in such circumstances choose to make promises to each other and (re)exchange rings.  


We are not humanists—or at least we do not think we are. Can we still have a humanist wedding ceremony?         



     I wholeheartedly recommend a humanist wedding. It is so customizable that it can surmount any boundaries of religion, culture or language. As with anything bespoke, it does take a bit more time to consider the material you would like the service to contain, but it is so worth it. You will have a ceremony that is 100% you.
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